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Universal Hygienic Food Certification Research Council Ltd. (UHF Certification Council) is an independent evaluation and certification council.  The council is engaged with the activities like keeping records of examination of goods and services according to values and beliefs of quality certification. It provides alternative remedies of hindrance’s of company and organization management and inhancing additional marketing by heling consumers of their responsibility awareness following national and international standard of examination and certification.

UHF also assisting in developing awareness on consumers’ security, food security, awareness of clean, healthy, pure and hygienic quality food products. There is a need of strong and recognized organization to improve the quality of food products and regular consumable goods that lead to establish Universal Hygienic Food Certification Research Council Ltd. (UHF Certification Council).

UHF Certification Council checks and examines following the concepts clauses and requirements listed for certification in food security, level of quality including consumers’ satisfaction. The organization follows and implements the values, rules and regulations established by international trusts, council, boards and organizations developing universal acceptance of individual values, legal process and organizational procedures.

Council provides the certification in agriculture sector, food industries and food goods with increasing awareness among consumers after the evaluation of quality based on scientific technology used in international quality standard certification. The council also operates timely food awareness building activities, protection and promotion of consumers ’benefits, marketing monitoring and promotion of quality system with equal participation of concerned authorities and stakeholders with national and international collaborations.

The organization assists worldwide advertisement of quality food products, marketing management and sales distribution.

Research Council aims to establish an international level Food Quality Laboratory (FQ Lab) for the protection and promotion of herbal medicine and plants, research and study on agricultural food products.


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