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A good health is additive to fill joy in human’s life which derives from quality food. To fabricate ease with excellent organic food with international standard & norms to all vegetarian is the motto of HFO from the day of its establishment.

To create hygienic world the institution make random sampling for infected and disinfection agro product available in the market. HFO provides QC certification to those samples which is verified with quality trail as per international norms that meet up with quality standard. We provide certification in four different categories named as Hygienic, Vegetarian, Organic & lastly the Halal.

In association with national/international agencies & food producer the actual message of Hygienic, Vegetarian, Organic and Halal certified Nepali agro product will circulate worldwide which is proactive to expand domestic brand.

Nepal a country festooned with the Himalayas & natural scene that make tourist destination. Let’s start agro tourism to put Nepal in every eyeball of the world.


To performer with seminar, training & food trade fair to protect consumer rights with up-gradation of food quality in national/international platform resulting with sustainable domestic agro tourism.

Solution to Pure diet is food purity only

Ours Certification & Services:


Food Quality Certification Council

Hygienic Certification

Organic Certification

Vegetarian Certification

Halal Certification

Food Testing & Services

Food hygienic process & nutrition system

Hygienic Food International Services

Herbal, Organic, Veg. & Halal goods supply

Marketing of agricultural production

Hygienic Food Training & Awareness

Agro traininig for farmer

Food Expo/Road Shows

Agro Friendly Tourism Development Program


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Hygienic Food for Healthy Life

Quality food for healthy life


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Hygienic Food Expo

Hygienic Food Expo

Food Awarness

Hygienic food for healthy life  

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Consumer Rights

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Food Friendly Tourism

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